Hi Everyone:  

It’s me again, your favorite team’s favorite mascot, Chance the Gila Monster! Allow me to roll out the red carpet for this month’s Vegas Golden Knights Collectible Team Bookmark star, Alec Martinez! Alec is a legend on the ice. He’s a two-time Stanley Cup champ who played 11 seasons with the Los Angeles Kings. You might remember him for scoring the game-winning goals in both the Western Conference Final and the Stanley Cup Final in 2014. Incredible!

Alec may have been our rival in the past but, thankfully, he wised up and moved to Fabulous Las Vegas last year. He’s become a good friend and an integral part of the team. Even in his first game with us last year, he snagged a goal and an assist. Way to make a first impression! He’s kept that same energy ever since and has been a force on the defensive line. Good luck getting through him!

We’re extremely lucky to have Alec on the team, not just for his hockey skills but for who he is as a person. No. 23 is such a humble, positive, and easy going guy. Playing during a pandemic has its challenges, but he knows what we’re experiencing right now is much bigger than the game.

“Everyone has to adapt. You’ve got to be a professional. You know a lot of people are making sacrifices. There’s a lot of hard work being put into this so we can have the opportunity to play. I’m not going to complain,” he said during a recent press conference.

And when we take a loss, Alec gets right back up. “You can’t win every game,” he said after our first loss this season. “We get to go back at it tomorrow and try to win a hockey game.”

Spoken like a true champ!