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Filtered/Unfiltered Internet access

Filtering technology limits access to content that is consistent with the collection practices the Library District follows when purchasing print and other library materials for young people.

The filtering database is updated nightly. However, because millions of web pages are added and changed on the Internet every day, it is impossible for any filtering software to identify and block all intended websites. It is also possible for the filtering software to mistakenly block a website that should not be blocked. If a site has been blocked in error, staff is able to correct this problem.

Library patrons age 18 or older have the choice of filtered or unfiltered access to the Library's WI-FI Internet Access.

Children and youth through age 17 are required to use filtered access to the Internet on their wireless device.

Categories of Filtered Sites

The types of sites filtered include those that provide information about, promote, or support the sale of weapons and related items; that feature or promote violence or bodily harm, including self-inflicted harm; or that gratuitously display images of death, gore, or injury; or that feature images or descriptions that are grotesque or frightening and of no redeeming value; dating and other interpersonal sites; sites that provide information about, promote, or support the sale of alcoholic beverages or tobacco products or associated paraphernalia; sites that promote the denigration of racial groups, the denigration or subjection of groups, or the superiority of any group; sites that provide information about or promote illegal or questionable access to or use of computer or communication equipment, software, or databases; sites for web chat; sites that provide instruction in or promote criminal behavior or the avoidance of prosecution; sites that provide information about or promote gambling or support online gambling, involving a risk of losing money; sites that promote or provide information about the use of prohibited drugs, except marijuana, or the abuse or unsanctioned use of controlled or regulated drugs; also, paraphernalia associated with such use or abuse; sites with adult content, nudity and sex.