Media Coverage: West Las Vegas Library debuts free robotics lab for kids

A Las Vegas library is making sure kids in the community have skills like coding, 3D printing and robotics before they even get to high school.

West Las Vegas Library just debuted a robot lab. There are classes each week where kids can learn how to code and build robots.

“It’s a good challenge,” said 13-year-old Aiden.

“I like how they move around and the way they talk and how they actually work,” said 8-year-old Meah.

In the robot lab, kids don’t just follow a manual.

“It’s a good place to figure out robotics because a lot of places, they don’t really help you they’re just like, figure out the instructions,” said Aiden.

It's why he and his younger sister Annabelle keep coming back to class.

“Our life is surrounded by robotics,” said instructor Leo Silva. He works for Engineering With Kids and teaches the class.

Self-driving cars, drones ... Kids in 2019 are growing up with robots.

It helps Silva to break down the complicated engineering behind robotics.

“We got to talk to terms that they understand and we use real life things that they interact and sometimes don’t think are robots,” said Silva.

“Somewhere between 12 and 15 kids come in the afternoon and learn how to build robots and figure out how the censors work and all the new technologies kids of today are going to need in the work force of tomorrow,” said Switch Senior Vice President Betsy Fretwell.

The Las Vegas based tech company donated a grant to build the lab. The Las Vegas-Clark County Library District Foundation will sustain it.

“All of these new emerging technologies are going to have an impact on our world and we’re excited to be a part of helping prepare kids for that future,” said Fretwell.

“Robotics is the biggest field within stem that’s growing the fastest,” said Silva.

Moving forward, kids will learn how to build prosthetics or small toys using 3D printers. They’ll also learn how to build their own video game. Eventually, the goal of the class is to have the older kids teach the younger kids.

There are now four libraries in Clark County with a robotics lab.

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