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Have a business idea you want to test? Own a small business you want to expand?

LVCCLD has tools for small business development!

What are these tools?
BusinessDecision is a web-based service with both reporting and mapping tools. Find extensive consumer household, market segmentation, and demographic data to use with GIS mapping. The powerful mapping capability will reveal trends, patterns, and opportunities often hidden in tabular data. Create a host of reports and maps and have them emailed to you.

How do they work?
Use your library card to access the tools. Use the Express Login option to easily enter the site and check it out. Set up a private account to store maps and reports. Note: Reports and maps are sent to the email address of the registrant when you set up My Account. Reports and maps are NOT sent when you use Express Login; instead, you must save your reports during your session. Tip: For details on Market segmentation/Tapestry reports, download the Tapestry Segmentation Reference Guide.