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Category: Legal

  Where can I do legal research in Las Vegas?

  The Clark County Law Library is open to the public. It is the library of first choice for patrons who have serious legal questions and for those who need legal forms. You may call them at: 702-455-4696.

M-Th 8am -7p.m.,
F 8am-5p.m..

309 S. 3rd Street, 4th Floor. Web Site:
Clark County Law Library

The public is also welcome to do legal research at the Boyd Law School Library, located at 851 E. Tropicana Ave. Web Site:Boyd Law School Library

Category: Legal

  Where do I go to register as a gaming employee?

  Anyone working as a gaming employee or serving as an independent agent in the state of Nevada must have a valid gaming work permit.

Visit the Gaming Board to register.

Category: Legal

  Who are my elected representatives?

  Call 455-VOTE. By simply giving your address, you can find out who all your elected representatives are.

Source: Clark County Election Department, 3/2000

If you have additional questions, please email them to