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A library card is provided free of charge to any resident of the state of Nevada. Apply for one at any library branch or online. Library cards expire on a regular basis. Cards may be renewed if all outstanding fines and fees are paid in full and must be done in-person at a local branch. We require a valid photo identification and proof of current address to renew your card.  Only one card is allowed per person.


Nevada Resident Cards

Show a valid, official photo identification from District-approved agencies or resources and verify your current Nevada address and birth date. 

If you apply online, you must show valid, official photo identification as described above before checking out materials.

A post office box is acceptable for a mailing address provided that the Library also has your residential address on file.

You must be present when obtaining a new or replacement library card and when verifying/renewing your account.

For patrons under the age of 14, a parent/legal guardian must provide identification and sign the application. By establishing an account, the parent/legal guardian accepts financial responsibility for the materials checked out by his or her minor child and acknowledges that it is his or her responsibility to guide the selection of materials checked out by their minor child.

Guest Cards

If you do not have a current Nevada address, you may apply for a guest library card by providing photo identification with your birthdate and current out-of-state address. The guest card will expire three months from the day the card is issued. The guest card may be renewed as long as there are no outstanding fines or fees. The Library reserves the right to assess a yearly fee for a guest card.

Borrowing Privileges and Responsibilities

When borrowing materials you must have a valid library card. You are responsible for the return of all materials borrowed on your card and will be held financially responsible for any fines or fees associated with items on your record.

  • You must notify the Library immediately if your library card is lost or stolen.
  • Parents/legal guardians are responsible for the items checked out and for the fines or fees associated with his or her minor child’s library card.
  • Parents/legal guardians are responsible for guiding their minor child’s selection of library materials.
  • Library materials may be returned to any of the Las Vegas-Clark County Library branches.
  • The Library is not responsible for damage incurred to your personal property due to the use of library materials.
Loss of Borrowing Privileges

You will lose your borrowing privileges if any of the following occur:

  • the borrowing limit has been reached
  • bills or overdue fines have reached the maximum allowed
  • items are more than ten days overdue
  • your library card has expired.

Lost or Stolen Library Cards

A lost or stolen library card must be reported immediately to the Library. The cardholder will be held responsible for materials checked out on his or her card until the Library is notified. Once the Library has been notified, the card will be blocked to prevent any more materials circulating on the card. The cardholder must show photo identification to request a replacement library card. All charges or loans attached to the lost card will be transferred to the new card.

Loan Periods, Item Limits and Renewals
Material TypeLoan Period
Books21 days
New Books (Check 14)14 days
Magazines21 days
Paperbacks21 days
AudioBooks21 days
CDs21 days
DVDs (1-2 discs)7 days
DVDs (3+ discs)14 days
Language Instruction21 days


Nevada residents may check out up to 50 circulating items on a library card at any one time. Please note that residents of North Las Vegas and Boulder City are subject to the policies and procedures of their library districts.

Materials may be renewed provided there are no outstanding requests and you have a valid library card in good standing. Some designated high demand items may have more limited renewal privileges.

Loan periods for eMedia vary. Please see the eMedia Catalog for details.

You may renew items online by logging into "My Account", or by phone or by visiting your library.


Titles may be placed on request provided that no overdue items exist on your card and fines do not exceed $10. There is a limit of 25 items on request at a time.

Notices and Email Notification

As a courtesy, the Library sends overdue and request notices via email. Please register your current email address at a library branch or through "My Account" on the web site to receive notices and occasional Library and Foundation communications via email. You are responsible for updating email addresses when they change. For those patrons without email, only overdue, fine and billing notices will be sent via postal mail.

If items are returned late, we will send a fine notice. If the items are not returned, we will send a bill for the cost of lost items including processing and replacement charges.

Accounts owing a minimum balance of $25 will be referred to a collection agency. Uncollected accounts may be referred to a credit bureau. A nonrefundable collection fee of $10 will be assessed to you when the account is referred to a collection agency.

A parent/legal guardian may request overdue information on their child’s library card for those children under the age of 14, if:

  • Parent/legal guardian has the child’s card with them.
  • Parent/legal guardian has photo identification with same address as that listed on his or her child's library card.
Fines and Fees

You will be assessed overdue fines and replacement fees for damaged or lost items according to the Fines and Fees Schedule, which is subject to change. Overdue fines are assessed from the first day or hour items are overdue on a per item basis. No overdue fines are assessed on paperbacks, magazines or children’s materials. If the items are not returned, however, a bill for the items, including a replacement fee, will be mailed.

When an uncataloged item such as a paperback, comic book or magazine is lost, you may elect to pay the cost of the item or provide an equivalent item to replace the one that was lost. The replacement will be accepted as long is it is in good condition and is a title currently owned by the Library.

Fines and fees do not apply to eMedia, as titles automatically expire on their due dates.

Fines over $10 or failure to return items will result in suspension of borrowing privileges.

Overdue items25 cents per day, $4 per item maximum
Overdue fine threshold$10
Replacement of lost or stolen card$1
Lost, stolen or damaged itemsFull cost of the item plus processing fee∗ and collection agency fee, if applicable.
Interlibrary Loan (ILL) materialsFees vary and are determined by the loaning agency
Insufficient funds$25 per returned check
Collection agency service fee$10
Lost or missing CD/DVD case, insert or graphic$2
Lost audio-visual case with bookwell$5
Lost single DVD/CD/music CD from a cataloged set (full replacement may be charged)$10
DVDs, audio-visual instructional titles and
14–day loan books
Other cataloged items$5
Uncataloged itemsNo processing charge
∗ - Processing Fees: These are charges in addition to the full cost of the item if an item is lost or returned damaged.
Use the Library From Home

Using your library card and a Personal Identification Number (PIN), you may access the Library District's electronic resources including full-text magazines, encyclopedias and many other valuable resources from home. Also, you may place requests, pay fines and fees, renew items online and more. You may establish a PIN at a Circulation Desk (you must show valid, official picture identification to establish or change a PIN) or online via "My Account". Note: some resources are only available to residents of the Las Vegas-Clark County Library Taxing District. Use your library card to access:

  • Newspaper and Journal Articles: Access full-text articles from thousands of magazine and journals around the world..
  • Encyclopedias: Numerous general and specialized encyclopedias including the Encyclopedia Americana and the New Book of Knowledge are available..
  • Reference Resources: Specialized information resources provide current, up-to-date information on health, business, literature and many other topics.
  • Library Catalog: Use the Library Catalog to search for books, magazines, videos, DVDs and a variety of materials. Some resources are available only to residents of the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District.
  • Homebound Services: If you are homebound, you may be eligible to have library materials delivered to your home. To inquire about Homebound Services, please call 702.507.6334.
Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service is provided to Library District residents to acquire materials not available in local libraries. To place a request, you must have a library card in good standing with no overdue items and less than $10 in fines. You may have up to five active ILL requests at any given time. Repeated requests for titles must be made a minimum of six months apart. An ILL request must be submitted online. Loaning libraries may establish loan periods that differ from the Library District's loan periods or require that you use materials in Library District libraries. You must agree to abide by the loan restrictions of the loaning library.

For additional information please read the information provided on Books From Other Libraries (ILL) web page. TOP OF PAGE

Special Collections

Many of the Library District's branches house specialized materials and resources. For more information about these collections, visit the Library District's web site at and select Special Collections from the Find Information menu.

Excerpts from the Internet and Wireless Use Policy
General Policies
  • The Las Vegas-Clark County Library District offers access to the Internet, which is an unregulated medium.
  • In providing Internet access we subscribe to and fully support the principles of intellectual freedom endorsed by the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights, particularly Access to Electronic Information, Services and Networks and The Freedom to Read Statement.
  • Staff select Internet links in accordance with the Library District’s materials selection guidelines.
  • The Library District has not participated in the development of the sites it selects and does not exert any editorial or other control over these sites.
  • Providing a link from the Library District’s web site to another web site does not constitute an endorsement from the Library District.
  • The Library District is unable to control or monitor the content or presentation of materials on the Internet.
  • The Library District assumes no responsibility and shall have no liability for any direct, indirect or consequential damages arising from the use of information found on the Internet, or any communications sent through the Library District’s Internet workstations.
Access and Usage
  • The Library District does not provide email accounts to users.
  • The Library District assumes no responsibility and shall have no liability for any claims or damages that result from the provision of access to users’ existing email accounts.
  • Use of the Library District’s Internet workstations for the transmission, dissemination and/or duplication of information is regulated under various state and federal laws, and the Library District expects all users to comply with such laws.
  • Wireless access to the Internet in Library District branches is to conform to the general provisions outlined in this policy and use by library patrons is subject to the Library District’s Library Rules of Conduct.
  • All adult users of the Internet are required to comply with the provisions of the Internet and Wireless Use Policy prior to using a Library District Internet workstation and are expected to use these resources in a responsible manner consistent with the Internet and Wireless Use Policy, the Library Rules of Conduct and administrative procedures for computer workstations developed in accordance with this policy. Failure to comply with these policies or guidelines may result in Internet use privileges being suspended.
Internet Access by Minor Children
  • Parents, guardians and caregivers are responsible for their minor children’s use of all library materials, including the Internet.
  • The Library District provides filtering software on Young People’s Library computers; however, it cannot guarantee that filtering technology will successfully block all inappropriate sites.
  • Minor children may use unfiltered computers if they have parental/legal guardian acceptance of the terms outlined in the "Parental Permission Agreement for Use of the Internet" and their library card in possession during computer use.

The entire text of the Internet and Wireless Use Policy is available on our web site at under Publications and Policies. You may also request a copy at your library branch.